giovedì 10 gennaio 2008

Swap corner!!

Hi!! I'm Irene, an italian girl who live in Rome. I love music ( rock and gothic), arts and anime.
I'm studying Architecture. I love drawing , painting and crafting clothing and little thing.
I'm very curious about worldwide swap with people from everywhere!!I love Europe ( Uk especially) and Japan.

I'm interested in:
  • Anime and manga stuff
  • Tim Burton stuff
  • Kawaii accessories
  • All about arts and craft
  • Bento and Bento's accesories
  • Postcard
  • T-shirt and top
  • Everything about gothic culture in your country
  • Make up
  • Bijoux
  • Food&snacks/magazine/pictures/objects typical of your country
  • Japanese and Chinese Gadget
  • Whatever you like to send me...I'm sure that it will be beautiful!! A surprise is always fantastic I think!!
  • Items for hair [clip etc..]
  • Items for drawing/crafting
  • Letter from you


  • All you like from Italy!! Ask me for whatever you'd like to have
  • Food and snack /magazine/pictures/ objecst tipycal of my country
  • T-shirt and tops very cute
  • Italian pasta and biscuits and much more
  • Typical of Rome [food and objects]
  • Gothic clothing and accessories
  • Postcards/books/ magazines from italy
  • Italians flyers
  • DVD/CD in Italian
  • Kawaii objects from italy
  • All about arts and crafts
  • Items for hair
  • Bijoux

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Toilet Read ha detto...

Bonjourno! My name's Ericka and I'm from the Philippines. I've visited Rome last November and spent almost two weeks going around Rome. I miss Rome alot and would love to swap with you. I can offer you lots of kawaii (cute Japanese stuff) and anything you would like to ask for. You can contact me at or visit my blog at I hope to hear from you soon. Where in Rome do you live, by the way? We stayed in a convent in Aurelia, very near Panorama. :)

Krystie ha detto...

Hello! My name's Krystie, and I live in the US. Check out my blog (, and respond back if you're interested in swapping!

Anonimo ha detto...


my name is Laura and I'm from Canada. If you are still looking for swapping partners I would be really happy to swap with you ^_^ I think we have similar interests.

my email address is:

my gimme stuff info is through this link:

hope to hear from you, see ya!

Dat ha detto...

Hi! My name is Kathryn and I'm from the USA. I just recently joined Gimme Your Stuff. :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap with me?

I can send you: art and craft supplies, postcards, tshirts/tops, make-up, food/snacks/candy, magazines, and cute hair accessories! If there's anything else that you'd like just ask..

My swapping website can be found at:
If you are interested, have a look and leave me a comment.

shing fei!! ha detto...

hi!! i'm mif of philippines.. my email add is i believe that we have the same interests.. just email me if you need something.. and for anybody who wants to make friends or chat, feel free to mail me guys.. thanks!!

shing fei!! ha detto...

please mail me... thanks a lot!!